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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Timeless Style Icon: Katharine Hepburn

Born: May 12th, 1907

Why We Love Her: She was a rebel at a time where women were supposed to be pretty, soft-spoken, and above all, obedient. Her wit was as sharp as her cheekbones, and she was unapologetically bold in every area of her life - from her nontraditional romantic choices ("If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one," she said, "then go ahead, get married.") to her borrowed-from-the-boys wardrobe.

Signature Looks: Jackets with oversized collars, wide-leg trousers, belts, trench coats, shirt dresses, and the occasional show-stopping gown.

What Makes Her Style Timeless: Hepburn's penchant for menswear might have garnered the most attention, but it was the impeccable tailoring of everything she wore that made her look sharp, polished, understatedly sexy, and eternally stylish. 

Dobbin Garment She'd Wear Today: The Paley Stretch Cotton Popover Blouse

For a thoroughly Hepburn-esque look, pair it with high-waisted trousers and a black leather belt. Then go take over the world, just like Katharine.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." 
~Katharine Hepburn

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7 Ways To Squeeze Every Last Drop Out Of Summer

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And just like that, August is nearly over. How is August nearly over? We have no idea where the past few months have gone, but it seems like this summer flew by especially fast this year, doesn't it? Not to worry, though - even though summer days are dwindling, there's still plenty of time to pack in a ton of summer-centric activities. Here are 7 fun ways to make the most of the last days of this glorious season...

1. Take a day trip to the water. It's a shame to let any summer pass without tipping your toe in the ocean or cannon-balling into the pool. If you haven't made time to soak up (literally) the rejuvenating powers of the water yet, use these next few weeks of sunshine to remedy that. Whether your closest body of water is an ocean, a lake, a river, or your neighbor's pool, be sure to carve out a day (or at least an afternoon) for some good, old-fashioned water worship.

2. Read a "beach book." Again, whether or not you're actually near a beach doesn't matter. If you haven't dived into a silly summer novel yet, now's your chance. Even if your normal reading tastes are more Finnegan's Wake than Bridget Jones, put aside your preconceptions, pick up a frothy paperback with a hot pink cover, make yourself a cocktail, and while away a Sunday afternoon.

3. Get fruity. Luckily for us, the bounty of sweet summer fruits is still going strong. Take a trip to your local farmer's market and stock up. If you're feeling like tapping into your inner pioneer woman, make blackberry jam or canned peaches to preserve the fresh tastes of the season. Otherwise, just bite into a cold piece of watermelon on the porch and enjoy that quintessential summer moment. And hey, if you want to follow it up by challenging the neighbor kids to a seed-spitting contest, we won't judge.

4. Eat al fresco. It won't be long before pleasant summer breezes turn chilly enough to force us all inside. In the meantime, pack yourself a picnic (don't forget the champagne!) and head outside for a memorable meal in the fresh air. Or, if you prefer your outdoor dining experiences to include a proper table and chairs (not to mention less bugs), Google the best restaurant patios in your city and make it a personal goal to test out at least 3 of them.

5. Dress the part. Before we know it, the leaves will be changing and we'll be reaching for pumpkin spice lattes and leather boots instead of lemonade and sandals. It might be tempting to break out your new fall purchases early, but we encourage you to make the most of your summer wardrobe now, while you still can! That glamorous, wide-brimmed sun hat you bought in May and haven't gotten around to wearing yet? Throw it on for your next trip to the grocery store. Get a coral pedicure to match your wedge sandals. Leave no sundress unworn, no bikini in storage. Dress for right now, and have fun with it. Your boots and tights will still be there come October.

6. Face the music. What is it about summer and music that create such a perfect pairing? Maybe it's the memories of driving around with friends in high school, blasting the radio with the windows down on summer break. Maybe it's the stellar summer concert lineups or the plethora of music festivals. Whatever it is, it doesn't really count as summer until you've got your arms swaying in the air with a few thousand other people, mouthing the lyrics to a favorite song while enjoying a summer breeze. Aaahhh. Get thee to Ticketmaster and make this moment happen.

7. Do something spontaneous. So much of summer's appeal isn't actually about the weather or the fashion or the vacation time - it's about the feeling of spontaneity and possibility that washes over you in June and doesn't lift until sometime mid-September. Use that momentum to do something unexpected. It could be an unplanned trip to Mexico. A dramatic new haircut. Asking for a raise. Starting a side business. Renting a convertible for a day and taking a long drive. The possibilities are endless, but one thing's for sure: it's your last chance to do something that will make you look back and say, "Ah, 2014, now that was an amazing summer."

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